About Tigers LSE

Tigers  Life Skills Education
Tigers is the world’s most professional and progressive life skills course for children of 2 up to 6 years. Children at this important developmental age can be affected greatly by a role model like our well educated instructors. For many years this has given our instructors a tremendous feeling of satisfaction!

History of Tigers
Tigers has a background in the Martial Arts but have evolved into to the world of all children and together with specialist brought them into the daycares, schools, sportcenter, dance academies and many more important organisations were children are!

Your child will learn from superhero Timmy!

Children are involved in the fantasy world of Timmy and Tina the Tiger and their friends in the jungle. While playing the kids learn life-changing skills in a proper didactic and pedagogical way. The kids are greatly stimulated through the program by endless educational games. The program consists of seven core themes that are complemented by other important life skills.

We like to thank Richard and Lucinda for their hard work in Tigers for many years for children in the whole world to enjoy!

The six core themes:

  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Strangers
  • Bullies
  • Emergency skills
  • Health & fitness
  • Global awareness

The themes are perfectly balanced by basic defensive techniques from Martial Arts (as Taekwon-Do) and essential motor skills. The children also learn strong morals as being calm, being helpful and much more. At the end of each semester the children will be tested on their knowledge of the themes, martial art techniques and morals. Through various rewards in the form of themed batches and logos, the children are constantly stimulated to learn on all fronts of the program.

Constantly working on improvements

Tigers Life Skills Education is developed with professional supporting partners. The program has been taught, tested and adjusted as necessary since 2002. The Tiger team is so enthusiastic and passionate that they are constantly working on improvements and innovations. They frequently use feedback from many experienced instructors, parents and children from all over the world. So please feel free to contact us.

Be aware of copycats!

There are already companies copying our successful Tiger-program. They use different names and we are not sure if they offer the same services. Look at our school locations for a Tiger-certified instructor in your area.